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This three hour workshop will support you to better understand your nervous system by learning about the stress response and how stress can show up in your body.

The first hour of the workshop will be spent discussing information in relation to the nervous system, the window of tolerance, the brain and understanding the importance of the mind body connection. 

We will then spend the rest of the workshop exploring practices to support with reducing stress, anxiety and promote regulation. This exploration will include journaling, yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, singing bowl sound bath and other exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve for regulation. 

No previous experience or knowledge is necessary. It will be a gentle practice with lots of choice given.

Come as you are. All are welcome here.

Investment: $75

Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

Trauma sensitive yoga is an evidence based hatha yoga practice to support individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Session can be one on one or small groups, face to face or online via zoom.

The practice differs from a general yoga practice with the facilitator practising along you, there are no physical adjustments and the practice is developed to support individuals to (re)connect with their bodies and create a safe space. 

Shown through empirical research to reduce the symptoms of complex trauma and PTSD, this body-led therapy guides individuals on their pathway to healing.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga/TCTSY classes help survivors of complex trauma and post-traumatic stress to gently reconnect with their bodies in a safer environment, giving people the opportunity to:

  • practise being present

  • practise making choices

  • experience taking effective action

  • sense their environment

  • connect with the body through breath

Individual and group sessions are available, please get in contact for more information. 

Orange Dahlia
“Brittany has a calming energy that infuses the class and the participants. I walked away from the class feeling a thousand pounds lighter."



- L

“I felt instantly comfortable and could practice with guidance that felt thoughtful and encouraging. She teaches with an intuitive style that feels accommodating. I felt grounded and refreshed waking out."

- C

“I did the prenatal yoga with Brittany. I learnt ways to connect with my baby through the poses & meditation. I had some lower back pain and found these sessions relieved it. Brittany made me feel so comfortable and calm in each session."

- A

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